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Even though we are all about our exciting electric-powered devices (stop it), the up and coming Sledcast (Sled + Podcast) will feature the shared experiences of those riding the lightning, as well as general facts about transitioning and what diverse people in diverse contexts, can expect to face.

Many have issues beyond the brutal reality of finance that can make this new or renewed life seem almost impossible to get a handle on. The world promotes the idea there can be only one way to travel along the road of life, almost as if a particular make and model define who we are, indication our status, the respect we feel our due. We understand; we are here for you.

So even if you are questioning or just Em Curious, you’re welcome in this garage.
For Land, Sea, Air, Above, and Beyond
Emcult CyberSport for Climate Action

On a more serious note . . .
Sports organisations must go beyond performative greenwashing and display climate leadership by cooperatively engaging in the recreation of professional recreation. They can achieve this by taking responsibility for their systemic contribution to destructive climate change, the powerful cultural influence all sports and particularly motorsports have on what we identify and express ourselves through image, from clothes to postcode and the skateboards, bikes,  motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, planes we obsess over. We are amusing ourselves to death, so we offer these few overarching goals:

  • Sports have always been a conduit of culture. In that capacity, it can help unify us in purpose as we pivot away from the ethical norm of win-at-any-cost, self-service, entitlement and vainglory we encourage in our artists and athletes. Reflection on how we respond to grandiose, extravagant images and actions that signal corporate action, tell them yes, promote endless feel-good, the mass consumption we imagine is without consequence.
  •  If we change, then the artists, athletes, and the corporations they depend on will change. We can and must push beyond the limited vision of the past, shed the artificial barriers between artists and athletes, and all of us aspire to excellence by becoming truly informed patrons.
  • We can and must change the economics of art and sports, rewarding talent instead of the most shameless self-promoter or whoever has the most bank. We must elevate and openly affirm genuine camaraderie among competitors, humility by the victorious, grace in defeat as the mark of true champions; in this way, we create solidarity for climate action.
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